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Images of Aleister Crowley, his Artwork & Associates

Time passes so quickly as we reach the later stages of life, and despite his prowess as a great magician, I'm sure Aleister must have realised that he too could do nothing about it but simply accept its consequences and be grateful to have lived for as long as he did - many still die in their early years having achieved nothing apart from apathy and self-pity.

Yes, he was certainly a drug addict who reputedly took more heroin on a daily basis than would have killed a roomful of today's pathetic, moronic unemployed 'druggies' who are costing hardworking taxpayers millions in benefits, but who, despite being a bankrupt, carried on with his astounding life without the need to rob, mug, murder or live off the state.  Instead of studying 'sociology' or 'media studies', or any other easy option that they choose, maybe the ex-graduate unemployed youth of today should be forced to study the life and times of Aleister Crowley - it might provide them with some ethical guidance along with a sense of reality.  Alternatively, bring back conscription, and make their parents get out of bed and pound the parade square with them!  Woe is me - bring back hanging!

Anyway, back to the subject.  The images shown below are some of those that have been accumulated over the years.  If any copyright has been infinged please let us know (with proof) and we shall remove the image(s)  They are not shown in any specific chronological order, and any incorrect or missing descriptions will be updated in the near future - if you consider any should or could be revised, please let us know - for example, missing dates on associates.  Other images will be added as and when time constraints permit.  There are three sections to this page:

Click on the link above to go to the appropriate section, or simply scroll down the screen until you reach it.

N.B.  Many of these images have been reduced in size (probably with much peripheral information being omitted), and all display this website's embedded domain name in the image.  This is because we noticed one site in particular was 'lifting' images to display on its own website without even crediting as the source from which it found the image.  Should you require a copy of an image that you can not source, please do not hesitate to ask for a copy (without the embedded words).

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Aleister Crowley & his Family

Crowley's father
Edward senior
Crowley's mother
Emily Bertha (née Bishop)
Crowley as a Schoolboy
aged 14
At Beachy Head with a
cousin, Gregor Grant
In his first year at
Trinity College, Cambridge
The Explorer, Mountaineer
and Big Game Hunter
The Buddhist, man of sorrows,
in Ceylon, circa 1901
The Expedition to (K2) or Chogo Ri 1902
An icy bath after the
failed K2 Expedition
On the Deosai plateau in
the Himalayas 1902
On honeymoon in Cairo
with his wife Rose
As Prince Chioa Khan while
on honeymoon in Cairo 1904
Crowley with Rose
& daughter Lilith
From Do What Thou Wilt:
A Life of Aleister Crowley
The Poet at 30
The Poet at 30
in pensive mood
The Poet at 30 again
The Rites of Eleusis
- Saturn
Wearing the head-dress of
Horus & making the sign of Pan, circa 1910
The Magician 1911, or is it a
young Paul McCartney?
1911 sketch of Crowley by
Augustus John - printed in
Vanity Fair June 1915
Osiris Risen
Cover of the paperback versionThe Confessions of Aleister Crowley
Circa 1912 when he devoted
Household Gods to Leila Waddell
As Harpocrates
The God of Silence
The Beast 666
Crowley at 37
Sketch by Augustus John
c 1914
Working for
The Fatherland
As Simon Iff
As an artist in 1919 in the USA
- note the tuft of hair
In Cefalu with Leah Hirsig
(Poupée is in her arms)
Nude with Leah and
the goat in Cefalu.
Which one is the goat?
A rare photograph of A.C. on Sicily
The 'English Gentleman'
In Masonic Regalia
In Tunisia 1923
Probably Paris 1929
Paris 1929
At Gare du Nord
Paris 1929
In his Jermyn Street Flat with
Maria Theresa Ferrari de Miramar
whom he married in 1929
Crowley as Alan Burnett-Rae
(a long-time landlord) must
have known him - circa 1930
Cover of The Illustrated Beast
taken in his Jermyn Street Flat
Playing chess vs Fernando Pessoa
Lisbon 1930
Crowley Aged 56
Another of Crowley
in his Fifties
The Master Therion
Algeria - Circa 1934 (1)
Algeria - Circa 1934 (2)
Algeria - Circa 1934 (3)
From The Heart of the Master
From the Cover of
The Nature of the Beast
As the Chinese poet
Kwaw Li Ya
Crowley as The Mad Arab
smoking rum-soaked
Perique tobacco
In a pose as Fo-Hi, the Chinese
God of Joy and Laughter
Another pose as Fo-Hi, the Chinese
God of Joy and Laughter
Crowley as Mahatma Guru
Sri Paramahansa Shivaji
Crowley examining his
Ornately Carved Wand
Alternative picture of A.C.
examining his Wand
Cover of Portable Darkness
Crowley in his
Jermyn Street Flat
And yet another pose in his
Jermyn Street Flat
Location unsure -
Jermyn Street?
With Lady Frieda Harris
(right), artist for the Thoth Tarot
deck and Pearl Brooksmith
AC as an arabian adapt
by 'Patricia'
A sketch of AC
in his later years
As a much older
'English Gentleman'
With Pearl Brooksmith
With his son
'Aleister Ataturk'
Secret Agent 666?
A Parody of Winston Churchill - 1
A Parody of Winston Churchill - 2
A Rare Picture of Crowley
'Little left but pipe and wit'
AC with his pipe again
Jermyn Street (circa 1943)
Crowley at Netherwood,
Hastings, East Sussex
Netherwood again
Another photograph at
And yet another photograph
at Netherwood
Heavens Above!
Not Long Left Now!
Shortly before the end
looking very gaunt
Sketch by Augustus John
The time is nigh.
Bis bald mein Freund!
His daughter to Ninette Shumway,
Astarte Lulu Panthea,
later in life.
His son, Aleister Ataturk
as Count Charles Edward
d'Arquires in 1980.
And finally, Aleister Crowley
was voted number 73 in a
2002 BBC poll to find
the top 100 Great Britons.

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Crowley's Sketches & Artwork

An idealised self-portrait
A sketch of Frater O.P.V.
(Norman Mudd)
Choronzon at lunch
Maria de Miramar
Crowley by Crowley
A demon on Crowley's
bedroom wall at Cefalu
From inside the Abbey of Thelema (2018)
An oil painting of Leah Hirsig
(in a private collection)
Cock & Serpent
Thought to be
Kwaw Li Yah
Crowley's 'Chinese poet'
Hanni Larissa Jaeger
May Morn
Leah Hirsig, her portrait as
a 'Dead Soul' behind her
Lam - drawn by A.C. during
the Amalantrah workings
Airman's manual for
a successful nosedive
A painting of Leah Hirsig on
the bedroom wall at Cefalu
'The Waste Land' (an astral landscape)
Crowley self-portrait
evoking the spirit Paimon
Alternative self portrait

NOTE:  Thanks to Kenneth Anger for visiting the Abbey of Thelema in 1955 and carefully removing all traces of the whitewash covering Aleister Crowley's paintings (see Biography - Life after Death), you can now view examples of ALL of those paintings by visiting the Thelema and Faith blogspot.

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Associates of Aleister Crowley

Rev H. d'Arcy Champney
(1854 - 1942)
Andrew Kirkcaldy
(c. 1860 - 1934)
Oscar Eckenstein
(1859 - 1921)
Dr Tom Longstaff
President of the Alpine Club
(1875 - 1964)
Jerome Pollitt
(1871 - 1942)
Gerald Kelly
(1879 - 1972)
Arthur Edward Waite
(1857 - 1942)
Dr William Wynn Westcott
Founder Member of G.D.
(1848 - 1925)
Dr William Robert Woodman
Founder Member of G.D.
(1828 - 1891)
S.L. MacGregor Mathers
Head of G.D.
(1854 - 1918)
Moina Mathers - G.D.
(1865 - 1928)
Allan Bennett - G.D.
(1872 - 1923)
Florence Farr - G.D.
(1860 - 1917)
William Butler Yeats - G.D.
(1865 - 1939)
Annie Horniman - G.D.
(1860 - 1937)
Maud Gonne - G.D.
(1866 - 1953)
John Yarker - 33° Mason
(1833 - 1913)
Dr Charles Jacot-Guillarmod
Chogo Ri & Kanchenjunga
(1868 - 1925)
Guy Knowles - Chogo Ri & MI6
(1879 - 1959)
Auguste Rodin
(1840 - 1917)
W. Somerset Maugham
(1874 - 1965)
Marcel Schwob
(1867 - 1905)
Eileen Gray
(1878 – 1976)
Dr Ivor Gordon Back
(1879 - 1951)
Arnold Bennett
(1867 - 1931)
Clifford Bax
(1886 - 1962)
Professor George Alfred
(1859 - 1937)
Captain JFC Fuller
(1878 - 1966)
George Montagu Bennet
7th Earl of Tankerville
in his later years
(1852 - 1931)
Leila Waddel
(1880 - 1932)
Guy Montagu Marston R.N.
(1871 - 1928)
Theodor Reuss - O.T.O.
(1855 - 1923)
The Ragged Ragtime Girls
Victor Benjamin Neuburg
(1883 - 1940)
Ada Esther Leverson
(1862 – 1933)
Vera Neville
(1888 – 1953)
G.K. Chesterton
(1874 – 1936)
Jacob Epstein
(1880 – 1959)
Walter Duranty
(1884 - 1957)
Horatio Bottomley
(1860 - 1933)
Mary d'Este Sturges
(1871 - 1931)
Austin Osman Spare
(1886 - 1956)
George MacNie Cowie
(1861 - 1948)
Evangeline Adams
US Astrologer
(1868 - 1932)
Austin Frederic Harrison
Owner The English Review
(1873 - 1928)
George Sylvester Viereck
Editor The Fatherland
(1884 - 1962)
Charles Stansfeld Jones
(1886 - 1950)
Jeanne Foster - the Cat
(1879 - 1970)
Helen Hollis (Westley) - the Snake
(1875 - 1942)
Alice Ethel Coomaraswamy
(née Richardson) - the Monkey
(1885 - 1958)
Frank Harris
(1856 - 1931)
Roddie Minor - the Camel
(1884 - 1979)
Marie Lavrov née Roehling
Olun (1891 - ----)
Eva Tanguay - Wesrun
(1878 - 1947)
Frank Crowninshield
Editor Vanity Fair
(1872 - 1947)
Leon Engers Kennedy
(1891 - 1970)
William Seabrook
(1884 - 1945)
Leah Hirsig - the Ape
(1883 - 1975)
John Whiteside (Jack) Parsons
led Agapé Lodge of O.T.O.
(1914 - 1952)
Albert Winslow Ryerson
(1872 - 1931)
Ninette Shumway
(1895 - 1989)
with her son Howard
Raoul Loveday
(1900 - 1923)
Betty May Loveday
(----? - ----?)
Mary Butts
(1890 - 1937)
Jane Wolfe
(1875 - 1958)
Frank Bennett
(1868 - 1930)
Cecil Frederick Russell
(1897 - 1987)
Dorothy Olsen
(1892 - 1981)
Karl Johannes Germer
(1885 - 1962)
Israel Regardie
(1907 - 1985)
Gerald Joseph Yorke
(1901 - 1983)
Percy Reginald Stephensen
(1901 - 1965)
A sketch of Louis Wilkinson
aka Louis Marlow
(1881 - 1966)
by Frank Harris
Lord Tredegar, Evan Morgan
(1893 - 1949)
Hanni Larissa Jaeger
(1911? - 1931?)
the only actual photograph
we can find taken from an old
scholarship examination paper
Bertha Busch
(----? - ----?)
Christopher Isherwood
(1904 - 1986)
Geralld Hamilton
(1890 - 1970)
Evelyn Pearl Brooksmith
(1899 - 1967)
Nina Hamnett
(1890 - 1956)
Viola Bankes on her
wedding day in 1927
(1900 - ????)
Vyvyan Deacon in
Oriental costume
(1895 - 1938)
Wilfred Talbot Smith
(1885 - 1957)
Charles Richard Cammell
(----? - ----?)
Frieda Harris
Artist for Thoth Tarot Deck
(1877 - 1962)
Rollo Ahmed
Egyptian-born Occultist
(----? - ----?)
Augustus John
(1878 - 1961)
Kathleen 'Johnny' Symonds
Crowley's Landlady
at Netherwood
Grady Louis McMurtry
as known by Crowley
(1912 - 1985)
JWN Sullivan
(1886 - 1937)
Dennis Wheatley
(1897 - 1977)
John Symonds
(1914 - 2006)
Kenneth Grant
(1924 - 2011)
Francis King
(1934 - 1994)
Gerald Brosseau Gardner
(1884 - 1964)
L.C.S. Duncombe-Jewell
(1866 –1947)
Fernando Pessoa
(1888 - 1935)
Karl Nierendorf
(1886 – 1937)
Greta Mary Valentine
(1907 - 1998)
Rupert Grayson
(1897 – ----)
Deirdre O'Doherty
(---- – ----)
Mother of Aleister Ataturk
Photographed in 1995
Sir Richard Francis Burton
(1821 – 1890)
Unknown to Crowley but
greatly admired by him
& Oscar Eckenstein

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